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How to Choose Pizza-Making Equipment for Your Restaurant

Pizza is a beloved food around the world, and if you’re looking to start a pizzeria or expand your restaurant’s menu, choosing the right pizza-making equipment is crucial. With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to decide which oven and other equipment will best suit your needs. In this blog, we’ll explore some key factors to consider when choosing pizza-making equipment for your restaurant, with a focus on the offerings from JP Innovations.

Pizza Ovens: The Heart of Your Pizza-Making Equipment

When it comes to pizza-making equipment, the pizza oven is the most important piece. Pizza ovens come in various styles, including brick ovens, conveyor ovens, and deck ovens. Each style has its unique benefits, so it’s essential to determine which one will work best for your restaurant’s needs.

For example, JP Innovations offers a range of pizza ovens, including electric and gas models. Electric pizza ovens are ideal for restaurants that have limited space or lack a gas line. On the other hand, gas ovens are more energy-efficient and heat up faster, making them ideal for high-volume restaurants.

When choosing a pizza oven, it’s also crucial to consider the size of the oven and the number of pizzas you’ll need to cook simultaneously. If you plan to make a large volume of pizzas, you’ll need a larger oven or multiple smaller ones. The JP Innovations offers a variety of oven sizes to meet your needs, including compact countertop models and larger floor models.

Other Pizza-Making Equipment to Consider

In addition to pizza ovens, there are other essential pieces of equipment to consider when setting up a pizzeria or adding pizza to your restaurant’s menu. These include:

  1. Dough mixers: Mixing pizza dough by hand is a time-consuming task. Dough mixers make the process more efficient and consistent, ensuring that each pizza’s crust is perfect.

  2. Proofing cabinets: After the dough is mixed, it needs to proof before baking. Proofing cabinets provide a warm, humid environment that allows the dough to rise properly.

  3. Pizza prep tables: These tables are specifically designed for pizza-making and come equipped with ingredients bins, cutting boards, and refrigerated storage for toppings.

  4. Pizza delivery bags: If you plan to offer delivery, investing in high-quality delivery bags will keep your pizzas hot and fresh during transportation.

Why Choose The JP Innovations for Your Pizza-Making Equipment?

The JP Innovations is a leading manufacturer of pizza-making equipment, offering a wide range of products to meet the needs of any restaurant. They specialize in pizza ovens, dough mixers, and prep tables, all designed to make the pizza-making process more efficient and consistent.

Their electric pizza ovens are highly rated, offering a compact and energy-efficient option for smaller restaurants. For higher volume needs, their gas ovens are reliable and feature advanced technology for precise temperature control.

The JP Innovations also offers a variety of pizza prep tables, allowing you to customize your workstations to fit your specific needs. Their dough mixers are top-of-the-line, with powerful motors and durable construction that can withstand heavy use.

When choosing pizza-making equipment for your restaurant, it’s essential to consider the quality of the equipment and the reputation of the manufacturer. JP Innovations is known for producing high-quality, reliable equipment that can meet the demands of any restaurant.


Choosing the right pizza-making equipment is crucial for the success of any pizzeria or restaurant that offers pizza. By considering factors such as oven type, size, and other essential equipment, you can ensure that your restaurant can produce high-quality pizzas efficiently and consistently. When it comes to choosing pizza-making equipment, JP Innovations offers a wide range of high-quality options that are designed to meet the needs of any restaurant.

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